LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The difference between life and death often comes down to seconds.

That’s why MEMS is working with law enforcement, schools and even lawmakers on a nationwide campaign called “Stop the Bleed.”

Think of it like AED’s for CPR.

A three-hour course teaches Arkansans how to use these wall-mounted kits with tourniquets, wound packs and more inside.

The spokesperson says the training has already helped everyday people save lives in Central and Northwest Arkansas.

“This is an opportunity for Arkansas to wave our hand, wave our flag and say we’re leading and we’re seeing a difference made because we didn’t sit back. We didn’t wait for the next big incident like Las Vegas,” says Maj. Clayton Goddard, MEMS Special Operations Supervisor. 

Maj. Goddard says 34 school districts have access to the kits thanks to State Health Department funds.

Lawmakers plan to take the training during the fiscal session coming up in February.