CONWAY, Ark. – Stonebridge Assisted Living Facility has re-opened its doors to events, and family gatherings. 

“We’ve followed CDC guidelines, and Arkansas Health Care guidelines to make certain that we did everything in our power to try and reduce exposure” Reba Smith, Director of Operations for Stonebridge said. 

Stonebridge said they really wanted to get in the spirit this year. They formed a choir that has been invited to perform at the State Capitol on December 19th. 

The facility has decked the halls for its residents, and for its Christmas Brunch where for the first time in two years – families can gather around their loved one. 

“They are going to see loved ones they haven’t seen, some of them since before COVID, some of them are going to get to meet great-grandchildren for the first time, so it’s a very special year” Smith said. 

One resident’s only Christmas wish is coming true thanks to the open doors. 

“I have a great granddaughter in South Dakota that has a terrible accident, she was ran over by a car, she’s recovering slowly, but she’s coming for Christmas” Lola Atkins, said. 

Atkins says this is her greatest gift yet. She has never been with her great-granddaughter, so she says it’ll be extra special. 

Stonebridge Assisted Living is giving us all a reminder that it’s not about what’s under the tree – but who is gathered around it.