Stolen gun returned after it was found in a gun store

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HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – A man in Hot Springs is getting lots of attention on social media after a selfless act of kindness.

When Robert Maack was 15, his dad bought him his first gun. 

“It was a feeling of my dad trusts me now,” Maack said.

Holding it in his hand is a moment he still remembers 32 years later.

“He would take me out shooting and teach me about it,” Maack said.

From becoming a man in his dad’s eyes to the time spent together, it became more than just a shotgun when his dad passed away.

“I wanted to keep it forever and maybe pass it along to my grandkids,” Maack said.

That vision faded in January when it was stolen from a temporary storage unit.

“It really tore me up that it was gone,” Maack said.

Just when he thought he’s never see it again, his Mossberg 500 popped up on a gun store website.

“I knew it was mine because of some of the scratches that were on it but also the gold trigger,” Maack said.

He never wrote down the serial number so he’d have to cough up $350 to get it back, but he’d never have the chance. His daughter’s boyfriend of almost three years, Slade Owen, decided to take matters into his own hands.

“Saturday morning, my birthday, I told him I was going to my friend’s house went down there, picked it up for him, brought it back. I had to pay the price to get it back but that didn’t matter you know,” Owen said.

As Maack walked into his living room later that afternoon, he saw his shotgun lying on the couch.

“We all just kind of had a little tear session. He knew how much it meant to me and how much it was hurting,” Maack said.

While fathers have high expectations for their daughter’s boyfriends, Owen proved he’s the kind of guy who takes it upon himself to right a wrong making sure the shotgun made it back where it belongs.

“I’ll do anything for them because they will do anything for me,” Owen said.

” You just don’t see that a lot from a 19, 20-year-old kid,” Maack said.

Maack has now written down the serial number just in case this ever happens again.

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