LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – After a ruling from Arkansas’ Supreme Court, four new election laws tightening the voting process can proceed.

Voters who fill out provisional ballots must submit photocopies of their IDs by noon the Monday after election day. People cannot stand within 100 feet of a polling location except to vote. A voter’s absentee ballot signature must be verified by checking his or her registration application, and the mail-in ballot deadline will move from the Monday before the election to Friday.

Barry Jackson, the President of Jacksonville’s NAACP Chapter, said the moves will make it harder for minority communities to vote.

“Understand what they are doing there,” Jackson said. “Understand it.”

Proponents of the measures say they promote election integrity and reduce the opportunity for fraud in the system. The Heritage Foundation, a Conservative group, documented three cases of voter fraud in Arkansas’ history.

Opponents like Jefferson said the rules combined with the shuttering of some polling sites put a burden on voters.

“Do PSAs to let people know, ‘Hey, check your voting location and make sure you’re going to the right one,'” Jefferson said.

With a lawsuit still pending regarding the voting laws, the decision on whether they will impact the November election has not yet definitively been answered.