Spider bites on the rise in Arkansas: How not to get bitten

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The number of flesh-eating spider bites is on the rise in Arkansas.

Doctors at the Chi St. Vincent infirmary in Little Rock say they’re seeing an increase of people coming in, with bad wounds from bites that just won’t heal without treatment.

A 14-year-old was one of those unlucky people bitten. D’Aerion of Little Rock said at first, he thought he had a bee sting and “then, the next morning I had woke up real real sick and it had like big ol’ bubble on my leg.”

He required surgery to remove dead tissue. His scar is the size of half-dollar and it took him six months to heal.

According to Dr. David Dean of St. Vincent, as temperatures are dropping, people are more likely to be bitten.

Dean says most of the bites he treats are due to people rummaging through spaces and touching things they haven’t touched in a while.

If you are bitten, get to a doctor right away to prevent further necrosis. If the infection goes to far, oxygen chambers must be used to save your skin.

So, be cautions, check your clothes and check whatever you’re going to dig through, by first taking a step back to look around.

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