SKIPPING THE STOP: This mom sees you and will put you on blast

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AUSTIN, Ark. — An Austin mom tired of watching drivers barrel through a stop sign in front of her house is taking matters into her own hands. 

A sign she made on a whim Sunday is gaining traction in Lonoke County. 

On a pretty day, you’ll find Talia Riser and her daughter Adi outside playing with friends. 

“I remember the days when I was a kid and I got to roam free and those are long gone,” Talia said. 

Instead of being care-free, Talia’s head is on a swivel. 

“Pretty much every single day sees people run the stop sign behind me,” she said. 

To help reinforce the non-negotiable law of the stop sign, she added her own sign. 

“Me being me, I thought of something sassy to write.”

It says: 
“Running a stop sign + killing a kid: 15 years in prison. 
What the parents will do: Way worse. Please stop” 

“Really it’s our job as adults to be responsible and obey the law,” Talia said. 

The sign seems to be working. 

“I haven’t seen too many reactions, I have seen a lot of people stopping.”

It’s even caught the attention of the Austin Police Department. 

Talia says she’s never seen an officer sit and watch Creekside Dr. until Tuesday. 

“It’s not always easy for them to come and sit at a stop sign and wait,” she said understanding why the department isn’t normally there. 

She said she has also never called them or filed a police report. 

But within 5 minutes of an officer watching the sign, he had one pulled over. 

“I have no problems being the bad guy or making people feel uncomfortable when it comes to the lives of our kids in this neighborhood,” Talia said grateful for the attention to the issue. 

While 3-year-old Adi is still learning the rules of the road in her toy car, her playtime now has a little more protection.

We reached out to the Austin Police Department but have not heard back yet. 

Some of Talia’s neighbors have now requested signs, so we’ll likely see a few more pieces of pointed artwork in Lonoke County soon. 

She said another step she’s willing to take is photographing people who run the stop sign and putting it on social media. 

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