CONWAY, Ark. – People in Conway are stunned following arrests made at a local strip mall. Police took in two women on prostitution charges following a multi-week investigation.

Police say the business was Coral Reflexology on the 700 block of South Salem Street. People in the area say the business was a massage parlor. It shares a street corner with restaurants, hair salons, an insurance agency, and even a Church.

Dolphine Newton, owner of nearby business Eva’s Beauty Supply, lamented about the situation.

“You kind of think okay everyone is involved in a legitimate business,” Newton said.

Newton’s store has everything a person needs to look great on the outside, but Tuesday evening he learned looks can be deceiving. Coral Reflexology is only a few doors down in the same shopping center.

“I never thought such a thing could be happening in this complex,” Newton admitted.

At Coral Reflexology, authorities arrested 48-year-old Fen Xie and 43-year-old Lin Chin for prostitution, a Class B misdemeanor.

Conway Police say local complaints led to weeks of investigating. On November 9th, a search of Coral Reflexology uncovered more than $14,000 in cash, several ledgers and camera equipment which was turned in as evidence.

It doesn’t have just store owners in disbelief. Tuesday, Donna Rohrscheib was picking up food with her young son in the back seat.

“Things like this don’t happen in Conway. Nothing like this has ever happened in Conway.” Rohrscheib said. “It’s one of those places where everybody knows each other, and we do a lot of local shopping.”

Newton said he always noticed more traffic in the evening at the massage parlor ever since he remembers it opening about four months ago.

Under Arkansas law, sexual solicitation is a Class B misdemeanor for the first offense and a Class A misdemeanor for the second and subsequent offenses.

“We have a daughter and she’s a teenager, and for this to be happening basically next door, now you start asking yourself,” Newton said. “What will she be exposed to?”

Lacey Kanipe, Public Information Officer for the Conway Police Department, said as of the time of their release, no business associates or patrons were arrested. She added any possible charges would be determined by the investigation.

Newton’s family migrated from Africa to America, and he said he hopes this arrest doesn’t shed a bad light on immigrants. He also hopes that whatever business takes Coral Reflexology’s place is honest and law-abiding.

“We do not need this black eye again,” Newton said.

The Conway Police Department asks anyone with information on this case to call its Criminal Investigation Division at (501) 450-6130 and to reference incident 22-1101490.