SHERWOOD, Ark. – A traffic violation in Sherwood, turned into a sweet surprise for the driver and her son.

Sherwood Police Officer, Matthew Rodriguez, said he pulled over the mom Wednesday outside of Academy Sports.

The two were in the store looking for football gear, but left when they saw the prices.

After listening to the families story, not only did Officer Rodriguez let her go for the parking violation, but he also bought her son Jaiden a new set of football gear.

“When I said, “hey do you want to, do you mind if I buy?, and he was like, he just smiled it was just like something amazing,” Officer Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez also stated, “just pay attention and listen to people’s stories and figure out what’s going on and try to make a difference in someone’s life at least once a day”.

Officer Rodriguez said he hopes to encourage everyone to start doing something kind for those around them and he hopes to make it to one of Jaiden’s football games this season.