Sheridan parents fighting to keep daughter from being expelled

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SHERIDAN, Ark.- More parents of students at Sheridan Middle School are coming forward since we first reported about potential drug exposure on school grounds.

Parents are continuing to fight the administration’s decision to suspend several teens, who allegedly ate chocolate laced with THC. However, police never found the chocolate or any drugs.

“It’s not fair and it’s not right what they are doing to these kids,” Sheridan Parent, “you cannot suspend them under some speculation, you have to have some type of proof some type of evidence.”

This mom wants to remain anonymous for the protection of her daughter.

A report from Sheridan Police lists five students involved.

This mother said her daughter was never questioned by police and wasn’t even at the school when police arrived.

The next day, she received a phone call from the Superintendent.

“At the track meet she supposedly passed it out to several students, and he only had two statements from two girls, but he even told me he had multiple conflicting statements,” said Sheridan Mom.

She immediately bought a drug test for her daughter. Her daughter tested negative for THC.

However, her daughter’s punishment is beyond a ten-day suspension.

“He proceeded to tell me he was going to get her for distribution charges but it’s not going to go to the police department. Then she’s going to be up for expulsion,” said Sheridan Mom.
She said this case of ‘he said-she said’ could severely impact her daughter’s future.

“I’ve got a different kid this week, she’s been quiet not saying much. I’m irately upset. I’m disappointed in the school system,” said Sheridan Mom.

Sheridan School District said it will not comment on students’ disciplinary actions.

However that’s not stopping this mom from speaking up.

“I’m going to go as far as I can to let everyone know that Sheridan School District is corrupt,” said Sheridan Mom.

On Monday night, the parents involved will have a hearing in front of the school board to discuss the situation.

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