LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A month-long lawsuit against the city of Little Rock for Freedom of Information Act violations has reached a settlement.

Matt Campbell, publisher of the blog “Blue Hog Report”, filed a lawsuit in late September against the City of Little Rock for not providing requested records as it was required to under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Little Rock City Hall says it has officially turned over all records requested, keeping Mayor Frank Scott Jr. from having to testify in court.

Following release of the records, an $8,000 settlement was also reached between the City of Little Rock and Campbell. The agreement was approved by Little Rock’s board of directors.

Campbell stressed how important the lawsuit was.

“If we constantly let these government entities slide and not provide records because nobody wants to go through the time of actually suing them over getting the records, then the FOIA starts to lose some of its teeth,” Campbell said.

Circuit Court Judge Morgan Welch told both the city and Campbell that while he understands the pain of the Freedom of Information Act, it’s not harassment to expect public officials to comply with it.