PULASKI COUNTY, Ark – A series of suspicious fires in Pulaski County leaves firefighters questioning if they are all connected.

The Arch Street Fire Department says they have responded to 20 fires in the same neighborhood this year, and 6 just this month.

“It almost seems like it’s nonstop,” said Captain Ted Preator with the Arch Street Fire Department.

Assistant Chief Bradley Vick says the fires are all happening in the same area along Dixon, Dreher Road and Ironnton Road.

Each time a calling card is left behind.

“It’s the exact same item placed the exact same way against the exact kind of stuff that’s burning,” Preator said.

The department says they started noticing the trend this year, but fires have really picked up in the last month. Now they say they’re searching for a suspected arsonist.

“We have had things that are not just going to catch on fire by themselves, abandon homes, vehicles that have been abandoned for a while,” Preator said. “It’s been in multiples of two or three and it seems like it’s almost like an every two week pattern.”

The department says they feel all 20 fires are connected to the same person and warning of risks that could follow if the fires continue.

“It puts us at risk and everybody that’s out on the road,” Vick said.

“We have a homeless population in the area here that if they get in there in one of these abandon homes that this person sets on fire, he doesn’t know there in there,

now we’ve got a homicide,” Preator said.

The department is now asking for the public’s help. They are asking anyone with any information to contact the department. Tips will be anonymous.