Sen. Boozman tours Arkansas farms with flood damage

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HUMNOKE, Ark. – A week ago, much of southeast Arkansas was under water.

Not all of the flood waters have receded yet, even after all the recent warmer and dry weather.

Governor Asa Hutchinson toured flooded areas last week, but on Friday, some of the federal delegation got to look at things for themselves.

Sen. John Boozman (R-Arkansas) toured the region to get a firsthand look at what farmers are dealing with.

Boozman made three stops today: Humnoke, Tillar and Gould.

Beyond the obvious losses that the farmers are taking, the senator discussed drainage issues in the region and talked about some of the market instabilities that are occurring because of losses.

“Then all of a sudden, you have an event like this and it precludes you from going further and replacing all of this,” Boozman said. “So it really makes it very difficult to have a crop at all. So it’s a devastating loss and I think that’s what we learned the most is how this is really affecting our farm families.”

“We’ll have to treat the whole thing field as if it were good,” Chris Isbell, a farmer, said. “So you’re putting fertilizer on plants that are dead in order to fertilize the ones that are living and it cost more to produce a bad crop than it does for a good crop.”

Agriculture is the number two industry in the Natural State, so the economic effects of the floods are still looming as the situation is still being fully assessed.

Boozman said he will support any type of declaration the governor issues so Congress can move on anything that is within their power.

The senator said he will be teaming up with the delegations from Mississippi and Tennessee to see what can be done.

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