Semi Truck Slams into Town Square Fountain in Amity

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On any given day, opening the mail can be the most exciting thing to happen in Amity, Arkansas.

“[It’s] just a small, rural community,” Martha Robertson says just before tearing open an envelope from behind the counter at her auto parts store.

Robertson is from here. She runs a couple of businesses on the town square.

It was here last week, the excitement level went into, well, overdrive.

A city camera spotted a semi truck slam into the city fountain, destroying its surrounding rock wall and rattling the Christmas lights.

“This is a movie, this is not Amity,” Robertson says after watching the video.

“Normally, you’re supposed to slow down.”

The present the driver left behind is wrapped in caution tape. Crumbled rock and broken benches plague the otherwise scenic spot.

It was, as they say, maybe too much excitement for one day.

“It’s just one of those things that happens,” Roberston says.

“And it just happen in Amity so I guess we’re going to be famous for that if nothing else.”

The driver of the truck was cited for careless driving, according to police.

The city is waiting for insurance adjusters to survey the damage from the crash.

Fortunately, no one was hurt.

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