Self-defense bill fails in committee


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Arkansas lawmakers are now deciding what to do with a controversial bill that would allow people to use deadly force in self-defense. 

The “Stand Your Ground” bill failed Wednesday evening in the Senate Judiciary Committee. 

Groups like Arkansas Moms Demand, as well as State Police and the Sheriff’s Association of Arkansas oppose the bill. 

When the committee tried to shorten debate on it Wednesday night, Sen. Stephanie Flowers (D- Pine Bluff) made heated comments about her colleagues who were trying to get the bill passed. 

“For a long time since I’ve been back in Arkansas, I have feared for my son’s life!” Flowers exclaimed. “Now he’s, he’s out of Arkansas. And I thank God he is when you’re bringing up crap like this. It offends me! And then to limit the debate too! This is crazy!”

The committee’s chair repeatedly told Sen. Flowers she was out of order. 

The bill fell one vote short of passing. 

The bill’s sponsor hopes to bring the bill back up Monday and get one extra “yes” vote.   

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