FORDYCE, Ark — A rivalry football game is preparing to amp up security after the Fordyce School District and the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department says they received tips concerning a threat of violence at the October 14 matchup against Rison. 

Superintendent of Fordyce Public Schools, Dr. Judy Hubbell says she was told last week about possible threats.

“Our CCSO [school officer] has received some tips from kids stating what they had heard, and I immediately called the sheriff’s department, and they were getting the same tips,” said Dr. Hubbell. 

Dr. Hubbell believes the problems have nothing to do with football.  

“This has nothing to do with our school or our students, it’s a beef out in the community.” Hubbell thinks this because “with the information that we have we believe that to be the case.”

Dr. Hubbell says the school district already has safety plans surrounding the game, including having some of the Arkansas State Police, local law enforcement and K9 units present. 

“We are going to have metal detectors at both gates and scan over people.” Dr. Hubbell adds, “we are not going to allow entry to the ball game of anybody who has the odor of alcohol or drugs.”

Dr. Hubbell also says police will be monitoring the area around the stadium and there is a reason why the game won’t be canceled.

“You don’t want to give in to that kind of thing or you would never play a ball game,” said Dr. Hubbell. 

Dr. Hubbell says she hopes nothing happens, but they can never be too careful.

This is why people are advised to buy tickets in advance as they will be opening the gates at 5:30 to help everyone inside the stadium in a timely fashion. But if people leave the game, you won’t be allowed back in out of safety for students and families. 

She adds that people will be required to bring only clear bags to the stadium during the game, which includes asking everyone to leave the field and bleachers immediately after the game instead of getting on the field for pictures.