Searcy school district staff host parade to check in on students during COVID-19

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WHITE COUNTY, Ark. — More than 100 cars are lined up today in White County for a parade, we’ve been seeing folks come up with different ways to still see their friends and loved ones, and now local school district joined in on the fun too.

We were there as teachers took their classes on the road.

Although Searcy schools are closed the relationships between students and staff must go on, and in their latest efforts to practice social distancing the district decided to host a parade.

“We want to see them, I mean you wouldn’t think when you’re teaching every day, you can’t wait for the weekend and then when everything is all gone you’re like… really said,” said Kevin Figley a teacher.

The Searcy School District took their classes on the road.

Teachers and staff took attendance throughout the neighborhoods to see their kids again since schools are out of session.

“Everyone loves the idea so I kinda started planning it,” said Amanda Tharp a staff and event planner.

It started off as a one-school thing, but then her idea on Facebook grew into the entire school district participating.

“I think it’s just a testimony to Searcy and the school district of just how much we love our kiddos and we’ve been saying Searcy strong,” said Tharp.

More than 170 cars pulled up to participate Thursday.

“It’s almost like their my school kids, but their also my kid and I miss being able to be there for them and just knowing that their okay,” said Christy Figley a teacher from Searcy schools.

All of them came with a special message.

“To all my kiddos, I love you guys, I miss you. I hope that I’m able to see you again this year,” said Figley.

Meanwhile for the parents…

“Our daughter she’s in kindergarten, it’s her first year of school it’s been completely interrupted, I don’t feel like I can do as great of a job as her teachers do,” said Meredith Barr a parent. “To be able to see them and their support, the fact that they miss these kids so much it just makes me emotional, just touches my heart.”

There is no telling how long students will be out of school and the faculty and staff here in Searcy say they’ll continue to think of creative and safe ways to see their students.

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