MARSHALL, Ark. – Despite stormy weather Saturday morning, Searcy County Airport had a good turnout at the inaugural Buffalo River Airfest in Marshall on Saturday.

Plenty of planes took over the skies from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with aviation attractions for all ages, civil air patrol demos, along with booths and displays.  

It was the first time for this Airfest in Marshall.  

Joe Wilson from the Searcy County Airport Commission expressed gratitude for the community’s support despite less than ideal weather conditions.

“Our estimated air count is 1500 people. Marshall is a town of 1300 people, so I think to have that draw, that many people, at our first event in a rain storm is a pretty good indicator that the community supports us,” Wilson said.

Burt Ballard from Buffalo River Air Tours said that the goal of the event was to put the Searcy County Airport back on the map.

“We really wanted to let our community know we are here. There are people in Searcy County that when you say you’re at the airport, they’ll say ‘what airport?’” Ballard stated. “So we wanted to put the airport back on the map, basically. And let everybody know what an asset it is to this community, you know.”
This year’s Airfest was free to the public and there are plans to be put on again next year.