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Saline County Woman Mauled by Dogs While on a Walk

SALINE COUNTY, Ark. - The sound of a barking dog echoes down terrace drive. 

A sound that may haunt Bobby Brimer. 

"I mean it hurts to even think about what I've seen," he said. 

Monday morning, returning from errands, he turned on a road he's driven up for 30 years, only to witness an horrific attack. 

"Seen these dogs dragging a woman down the road into the ditch."

He jumped out of his truck with his cane and tree trimming tools and tried to beat away the 8 or 9 dogs from the helpless woman. 

"She was laying in the fetal position and one dog had her by the leg the other by the neck pulling her," he said. 

He says her injuries are extensive. 

"Looked like a jugular vein cut right here," he said pointing at his neck. 

"She had blood squirting out of her."

He says the woman was attacked by the dogs outside where they live. 

He says the owner has been told by neighbors that the animals are aggressive. 

"For them to be on a little woman like that and tearing her a part, somebody needs to pay," he said. 

When Saline County deputies arrived, one dog tried to attack an officer and was shot but not killed. 

Three dogs, including the one that was shot, are now quarantined with Saline County. 

Deputies are still trying to catch another one in the neighborhood that sits on the porch of the owner's home. 

"Won't be no more walking up through there without a weapon," Brimer said.

The woman's identity has not been released. We were told she was in surgery for the majority of the day but her current status is unknown. 

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