LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A Russellville man created his own film right here in the state of Arkansas.

The 45 minute long feature film, called New West, took around three years to make.

Filmmaker, Jordan Mears, said, “it is about two former best friends who have to team back up together, one final time, to take down somebody from their past… a villain from their past”.

Mears said that he paired up with his buddies from college to create the film.

They filmed the movie from September-December of 2019, and since then they been putting it all together.

“I shot it, I directed it, I edited, I color-corrected, I have been doing sound design, it’s been a process,” stated Mears.  

Jordan Mears said he paid for everything right out of his pocket.

“It cost about $10 thousand. In the grand scheme of things, you know, it’s not $10 million. So, $10 thousand in terms of making a movie seems like a drop in the bucket.”

Mears said something unique about the film is that it was all shot, filmed, and produced at places right here in the state.

“We used white water tavern… we didn’t have to pay anything. we used Quapaw Quarter United Methodist Church,” stated Mears.

Mears also said they used all local actors.

“People that I have used in commercials, people that I have known in the film community,” said Mears.

Jordan Mears said he hopes to inspire other people in Arkansas, to show that it is possible to chase your dreams and create your own movie.

“You can do this too! You can get together with your friends and make you can make a movie for a buck fifty, or ten grand, or you know whatever,” stated Mears.

The movie will premiere at the Ron Robinson Theatre, Aug. 25, at 7 p.m.

Tickets are $10 can be purchased using this LINK.