LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Within the next decade, the emergency services field is expected to grow as tens of thousands of jobs are added nationwide. 

In Arkansas, we’re beginning to see that already as special incentive from Little Rock’s Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services (MEMS) encourages students to sign up for its EMT program. 

We dropped by a local class to see how the rookies are doing. 

A. J. Wolfe is eager to join the team.

“It has to be a passion to help people,” he says.

That passion brought him to enroll in the MEMS program.

“We studied really hard,” he continues.

His classroom has now moved to the streets of Central Arkansas.

“We’re very proud of the folks we have here,” says Jon Swanson, Executive Director of MEMS.

He says emergency medicine is a growing field. 

“There’s always a need, in most professions and here at MEMS we’re growing,” Swanson adds.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the next 8 years there will be 40-thousand new EMT jobs added across the country. 

MEMS has one of the top programs nationwide for becoming an EMT, or paramedic. It actually pays students while they’re taking classes. 

So as Wolfe, his training officer and partner get the truck ready for the day, he knows he’s ready for the next call, to help someone in need.

Some of the students currently in class say they became paramedics and EMTs because they didn’t want to go to med school, but still wanted to help. 

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