Rocks, tire thrown off overpass into traffic, woman seriously hurt

January 01 2022 12:00 am

PULASKI COUNTY, Ark. – Taking each step toward interstate traffic, Brianna Zilches explains what nearly killed her.

“This is the lane we were in,” says Brianna. “They had to drop it over here somewhere.”

Brianna and her fiancé were driving I-530 early Saturday morning when they came up on the Dreher Cutoff Road overpass. Brianna says it’s the last thing she can remember.

“I’m really scared to come over this bridge now. I never knew somebody would do that,” she says.

You can see the pain on her face caused by a tire someone threw over the bridge.

“I’m hurting. Yeah, it’s a little tire but it messed me up,” says Brianna .

Brianna has swelling, a severe concussion, broken nose and issues with her jaw and teeth.

Arkansas State Police say minutes before Brianna’s accident, a truck was damaged by a possible rock that was thrown over.

“This has been a problem for years,” says Brianna’s mother Beth Zilches.

Beth used Facebook immediately after to warn other drivers.

Monday evening, a man driving I-530, at the same overpass, says he saw a vehicle parked on the bridge.

He says he remembered the Facebook post and changed lanes at the last minute when a rock or brick hit his truck.

All of the accidents are happening at night.

“I don’t want them just stopped. I want them caught and I’m going to find them,” says Beth.

While the scars heal on Brianna’s face, she prays she’ll be ready to take her wedding photos four months from now.

“I don’t think it’s real yet,” she says. “This is ridiculous.”

Pulaski County deputies say there’s no word on who’s doing it but one of the drivers reported seeing a truck and ‘multiple’ people on the overpass but it was hard to get a good look at the people because there are no lights in the area.

If you know anything about this, you are asked to call the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office or Arkansas State Police.

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