CONWAY, Ark. -The average price of gas jumped by five cents overnight, according to AAA statistics, setting another record in Arkansas. The increasing prices continue to impact local businesses that rely on fuel.

Zac Deem owns two Hungry Howie’s locations in Central Arkansas. The pizza company pays employees to use their personal cars for deliveries. Deem said the rising fuel costs forced him to increase the money he’s paying drivers and the cost customers pay for deliveries by $1.

“I would say most people understand,” Deem said. “You get the occasional person that lives maybe down the block and they’re like, ‘Really? Six dollars? I’m only half a mile away.”

Deem said the company’s in-house delivery style has been a pride point since he first brought it to Arkansas. The rising fuel prices caused him to contract with meal-delivery services as a cost-saving measure, he said.

“It’s definitely impacted not only me as a business owner, but also my customers,” Deem said.

The average fuel price in Arkansas is now $4.19, another record. Deem said if prices continue to rise, the next measure would be scaling back the delivery service area. He hopes it does not get to that point.

Still, Deem said he’s in it for the long haul, and he is excited about a new Conway location that opened last month. “Part of being a business owner is how you handle changes in your environment,” Deem said. “I don’t think I’d ever change my decision, it’s just how we adapt to it.”