LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A $19,000 effort to restore a key piece of the Arkansas National Guard’s history was unveiled on Thursday.

The 206th Coast Artillery was an Arkansas National Guard unit. Its 1,700 guardsmen were attacked in Alaska during World War 2 in 1942.

Eight decades later, the flag over Dutch Harbor during the attack was shown once again with its colors restored.

Retired Chief Warrant Officer Steven Keeton served under the 206th, he said having the flag back brings pride to those who served in the unit.

“If you had the 206 on one side and the 153rd on the other, just by the type of colors that they had that would tell you were to fall in on that unit,” Keeton said. “Then it’s a matter of unit pride.”

The exhibit at the National Guard Museum includes weapons and photos from the unit.

There will also be the opportunity for family members to search for information about those who served in the unit.