GOULD, Ark. – Following severe weather last week, many residents of Gould woke up to their homes filling up with water. Residents were left clueless about what next step to take – or if their bank account could stand it.

However, the Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief of Arkansas pulled into their city. This organization is wanting to spread the gospel, and service is the way they do it.

“The disaster relief program is a group that, we come out, and help citizens when they have disasters,” John Pearce with SBC Disaster Relief of Arkansas said.

The crew can be found moving belongings, ripping up flooring and cutting into insulation to prevent mold in the future.

 “We’re getting it down to concrete – bare concrete, cleaning it all up for them,” Thomas Kohler with SBC Disaster Relief Arkansas said

The sound of water dripping can be heard – from multiple carpets being taken out of the house. They are so saturated in water; you can hear the water hitting the ground.

For many in Gould, it was devastating seeing so many memories from their homes sitting out on the street severely water damaged, only a few things able to be salvaged.

A resident in Gould, who wanted to remain anonymous, said the water in her home went up past her knees. Pieces of what was once her floor now lay in the bottom of a wheelbarrow.

“We’ve been using trucks, and wheelbarrows to take the trash out, and then salvaging everything else that’s dry,” Milton Teal with SBC Disaster Relief Arkansas said

Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief Arkansas comes ready to go with a crew, showers, laundry units and a place to make food for those in need. They said they want to help anyone they can with whatever resources they have.

“Our main goal is to come in and help the citizens get their lives back in order and do what we can to help that,” Pearce said.

However, the tough part for them is that not all lives will resume like they were, some are forever changed due to saying goodbye to memories they have clung onto.

“It’s difficult, right? These people have lost everything,” Pearce said.

SBC Disaster Relief of Arkansas wants to be a beacon of hope for these residents who are going through such a difficult time.

“All those precious memories, look at that…she said just take it out, I can’t go through it again” Teal said.