LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Little Rock is a great place for finding a new apartment, according to a recent survey.

Rent tracking website RentCafe released a survey Friday showing Little Rock as the 13th best city in the country for finding new apartments. The survey measured various factors, including if available apartments were spacious and located in desirable neighborhoods.

The survey found that Little Rock had seen an 18.1% increase in new apartments in the last 10 years. Also factored in was that apartments for rent in Little Rock average 986 square feet, above the national average of 930 square feet.

RentCafe was especially impressed that 14% of the apartments in Little Rock built in the past 10 years remain vacant. Due to this, finding a place in Little Rock should be relatively easy, the survey authors said.

 Boca Raton, Florida, has the number-one ranking in the survey, with a 50.2% increase in new apartments averaging 1,027 square feet. It was followed closely by Midland, Texas, which had a 56.8% increase in new apartments but were 913 square feet and in less desirable locations.

Nationwide, the survey authors said that a 36.6% increase in new apartments had occurred, one-third of which are located in top neighborhoods. On average, newly built rentals offer 930 square feet of space, but almost all of them are occupied at 96.6%. 

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