JACKSON COUNTY, Ark. — A beautiful person inside and out. That’s how the Jackson County community describes 25-year-old Sydney Sutherland.

Last Wednesday, Sydney went missing while jogging near her home. Her body was found on Friday.

All that you can see on the side of County Road 41 is a cross with a pink teddy bear.

You ask just about anyone in Jackson County about Sydney they’ll tell you what an incredible person she was. We spoke with one of Sydney’s longtime friends who say they basically grew up together. Every milestone from overseas trips to prom, they were right by each other’s side. He says she was a bright light in this community and can’t believe she’s gone.

“You know that she would be right by your side. I truly believe her legacy will live on forever, because of how good of a person she was not because of the scenario that was brought to her,” said Jordan Tyler Chatman.

He also says she put everyone above her self and her being a nurse really proved that.

Everyone in this community wants to be sure that Sydney isn’t remembered by how she died but how she lived.