Recent Violence Prompts Mother of 3 Murdered Children to Speak Out

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.– A mother whose 3 kids were murdered more than 22 years ago gave an emotional plea for enemies to forgive and to stop retaliations. 

Malak Hussian’s three children were murdered in 1995 while she wrestled with a suspect for a shotgun in the next room, narrowly escaping death. 

With violence in the news and gunfire around the capital city, more than 22 years later the violence she experienced prompted her to speak out. 

She said it is time for people to forgive. She said that over the last two decades she has tried to understand why she survived and her 3 kids did not survive. 

Now Hussian said with all the recent gun violence in Little Rock she thinks she knows why she is still alive. She said it is to remind people to forgive and to try to stop the gunfire. 

She said, “It’s one thing to lose one child but three and then witness it.”

Hussian sat at her dining room table in her Little Rock home Friday afternoon. 

She said, “Sometimes we have to be strong enough and wise enough to let go.”

Her family’s story made the headlines after her life changed on June 4, 1995. 

“They sent a 16-year-old to my bedroom with a sawed-off shotgun,” she said. 

She escaped death but her 3 youngest kids did not. 

She said, “And these people came without any fore thought to their actions to kill my entire family.”

According to Hussian, the murders were retaliation after her oldest daughter survived a drive-by shooting. 

She opened her Bible and showed us passages she reads daily. 

Recent drive-by shootings have brought back the memories of that day in 1995 for Hussian. 

Hussian said, “Doctors didn’t know what to say. The medicine wasn’t working. The drink wasn’t strong enough. The dope wasn’t fire enough.”

Past the pain this mother said she learned to forgive. 

She said, ” At the children’s funeral I asked there be no retaliation.”

Now decades later drive-by shootings have stopped Malak from sitting and reading outside her home. 

She said she has a message to people, “To please strongly consider forgiveness for whatever issue needs forgiveness.”

Hussian said she wants to help stop the gunfire. 

She added, “And I would like to meet the person who is doing these retaliatory acts of vengeance who has not lost greater than what my husband and I have lost.”

She said she is not going to leave town even with the memories popping back up. 

She said the community can not run from the violence instead people need to stand up to it. 


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