LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Razorback football is officially underway after the Hogs won a tough battle between the Cincinnati Bearcats.

On game days like Saturday, business at Brewski’s Bar and Grill was impacted in a positive way.

“There’s got to be at least 75 to 80 people in here,” said customer, Lawrence Sperry.

Seats were packed with people watching the Hog’s first game of the season.

“Countless of faces, countless, there are so many, even after these people leave, there’s still going to be Hog’s fans pouring in,” said serving manager at Brewski’s, Bailey Sheeas.

Brewski’s Bar and Grill had to double their staff for the game.

“Normally we run about 2 girls, right now we have four right here, right now and even then I still have about 6 or seven tables,” said Sheeas, “right now I have 4 cooks in the back, so it’s, they’re getting a fair share of working today, they’re making their paychecks if you know what I mean”.

Sheeas has worked at the downtown bar for five years and she said game days increase business a lot.

“We definitely double on a game day, just because people normally don’t eat lunch on the weekend because they are like oh I get a day to rest, but this brings everybody out and numbers obviously double in the heads and it’s great to see,” stated Sheeas.

Saturday, she served several customer.

“I’ve had 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15, I’m already up, and I could keep going because I have had so many turnovers,” said Sheeas.

Fans said if they can’t make it to the game, they will go somewhere were they can be around other hog fans.

“Go hogs,” said customer, Brenton Wadkins.