HASKELL, Ark. – Flood waters gush over roads in Haskell, causing the fire department to rescue 4 cars in the span of three days. The flooding is from the Saline River rising, closing Grand Avenue road. Also, heavy rainfall this week caused the wreck on I-30, where three lives were lost.

The Public Information Officer for the Arkansas Department of Transportation, Dave Parker, said, “if you took all of the accidents from the very minor to the more severe fatalities and you looked at what percentage were weather related. I think you would find a great deal of those, the majority of those, are going to be weather related”.

Parker also gave tips to driving in rainy weather. First, slowing down. He said, “if you are used to driving 65-70 m.p.h. on the interstate, drop it down 5, 6, 7 mph…. What’s the harm? “

Second, “tell yourself… I’m not going to pick up my phone, I’m not going to do this. Just be more alert”. Lastly, “keep a firm grasp on the wheel, and certainly not jerking and braking hard in situations of heavy rain”.

He said is we do all of these things, it will help keep everyone safe on the road. ‘It only takes a few seconds to change lives,” said Parker.

Grand Avenue continues to stay closed until flooding goes down.