LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Roads in Pulaski County received top marks thanks to significant funding.

County officials said Pulaski County has a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) of 83.7 for 2023, one of the highest in the state and a near 10-point jump from 2022.

Pulaski County Judge Barry Hyde said maintaining quality roads is a top priority for the county.

“Investing in our roads and making data-driven decisions has been a main focus, and it’s paying off,” Hyde said. “Infrastructure is a top priority in the County.”

A PCI rating is given based on data collected on the condition of roads under a county’s jurisdiction. Points are taken as pavement ages and distresses.

Pulaski County officials said that out of all of the county’s roads, there are minimal distresses, cracks or structural issues, which is why the PCI rating is so high.

Officials noted that the rating comes from continued improvements and maintenance to county roads made possible through a $16 million road improvement project started in 2022.

According to county officials, the $16 million for the project came from a Road and Bridge fund by saving unused road and bridge funds over a number of years.