Prosecuting attorney sends letter to Little Rock Mayor, defends decision not to prosecute loiterers

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – For months, the sound of tires screeching and horn blazing has plagued the streets of Little Rock. Drag races and caravans have been giving people headaches from Colonel Glenn to Broadway, and everywhere in between.

So far, the speeding continues with little progress made in tracking down the speedsters. As neighbors ask what can be done, two agencies of the law are pointing the blame at each other. 

According to a “crime watch” update sent out to St. Charles neighbors, Little Rock Police Chief Keith Humphrey apparently said at a recent neighborhood division meeting that a significant portion of the blame falls on the “prosecutor’s failure to prosecute [issued] citations.”

LRPD officers handed out the citations to racers earlier in the year, but none moved forward after that. 

Prosecuting Attorney Larry Jegley fought back, sending a letter to Mayor Frank Scott, Jr. defending his decision not to prosecute.

According to the letter, the problem was with the charge of “loitering” which each suspect had been cited with.

Jegley said he cannot prosecute those issued since they were not technically loitering, according to Arkansas law; the suspects were in a public place, and identified themselves to officers.

He said his office had been in contact with LRPD regarding the citations, and notes the two frustrated agencies will need to work together to end the racing once and for all. 

But as the two teams work to heal their “clear disconnect” described in the crime watch update, the cause of their headache races on. 

Wednesday evening, Prosecuting Attorney Jegley released a written statement, saying: “I will not countenance any lies being told about the job I have done for nearly 30 years and will always follow the law which I do without favor. I will not pursue any case which does not square with the law, and am disappointed LRPD seems more concerned with casting blame than solving community safety problems. That’s not productive.”

At the time of this writing Fox 16 has not heard from LRPD. 

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