Pottsville neighbors put up signs to slow down drivers

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POTTSVILLE, Ark. – Neighbors on one Pottsville street have gotten used to cars speeding by during the school rush. The problem has grown over time to be such an issue that now, homeowners are working with police to help drivers hit the brakes.

For 16 years, Chris Alexander has listened to cars speed down Pine Ridge Road, a popular route to get to Pottsville schools lined with houses. Most of the speeding comes during school pick-up and drop-off hours, as parents and siblings drive from one Pottsville campus to another.

It’s an issue that’s turned into a concern, with cars driving 15 miles an hour over the speed limit just feet away from playing kids.

“We just never realized how fast people really went,” Alexander explained. “I just said, we’ve got to do something about it.”

His solution is a series of bright yellow signs paid for out of pocket to remind speedsters to hit the brakes, set up along the route and around the neighborhood to catch drivers’ attention. 

It’s a proactive effort Pottsville Police appreciate, working hand in hand with neighbors to make a difference. They’re used to watching the road for heavy-footed drivers, catching cars as they shoot by and hoping to help prevent a tragedy.

“We are taking this very seriously,” explained Lt. Adam Bryant with the Pottsville Police Department. “The last thing we want to work is a pedestrian vs. vehicle accident.”

Police hope between their presence and the many warning signs, the message will finally hit home. They add it’s their great relationship with neighbors that makes an impact and encourages everyone to let them know about concerns in the community.

Bryant also has a message for those traveling in the area: watch out for the speed limit and hit the brakes if you’re going too fast. 

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