LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — During the pandemic we have seen countless people helping others.

A restaurant manager in Little Rock went above and beyond to help a homeless woman. His simple act of kindness has others paying it forward.

Shelly Henard who witnessed this act of kindness raised over $500 for the Popeye’s manager.

“It was amazing. I will never forget it,” Shelly Henard said.

Shelly Henard says things will never be the same after visiting the Popeyes restaurant on Baseline Road in Little Rock.

“I came through the line, my son wanted some Popeyes,” Henard said.

Henard saw a homeless woman in the parking lot and says a manager came out the building.

“I honestly thought he was going to tell her to leave his property,” she said.

Instead, Mikel Williams who is the manager gave the woman some food.

Shelly says his simple act of kindness caught her off guard.

“I saw him take his very own shoes off and give them to her and he was standing there in his socks,” she said. “I said what are you going to do for shoes and he said well I have some old ones in my car and I said why didn’t you give her those and he said because she needs them more than I do.”

Shelly took a picture of the woman and posted it to Facebook.

“It just touched me so much. It was shared over 2,000 times,” she said.

We spoke to Mikel Williams via FaceTime.

“It’s just normal. We do stuff like that all the time. It’s not for recognition or to get something out of it. It’s just normal,” he said.

The story doesn’t stop there.

“I heard that he had his phone stolen so I decided to try to raise some money for him,” Henard said.

Using Facebook, Shelley raised over $500 dollars. She started a Facebook live and gave the money to Williams at Popeyes.

“I wanna say thank you thank you,” Williams said.

We also spoke to several workers and the owner at the Popeyes on Baseline Road in Little Rock who says Williams is a great worker and he’s always helping others.

Williams and Shelly are now good friends.