POPE COUNTY, Ark. — The Quorum Court in Pope County voted to repeal a local ordinance that gives the citizen a local vote on the casino.

Pope County Judge Ben Cross said the ordinance had contradictory language to state laws so repealing it was just procedural.

“The fact that it is a local ordinance and it could not supersede the constitutional amendment 100 in the state of Arkansas, its just unconstitutional.” said Kelly Jett, President of Pope County Majority.

Cross says the writing isn’t clear and it contradicts state laws and that is why it needs to be repealed.

“We were facing litigation for doing nothing, litigation for doing something and litigation for trying to impose the local ordinance upon the voters,” Cross said.

More than 20 people stood at the podium today to share their opinion.

“This was not for or against a casino, that step has been passed and the repeal step was just a procedural matter.” Cross said

The Quorum Court voted to repeal the ordinance.

After the votes were passed many people voiced their disapproval, and different members of the court said even if they didn’t vote for the repeal they hope the community can move forward as a united front.

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