CABOT, Ark. – The Cabot Police Department has identified the two people hit by a train Saturday night and a pair of 16-year-olds.

Officials identified teens as Liam Harrison and Charlie Elliott and said both died after being struck by the train near Allman-Bevis Sports Complex in Cabot.

Department off officials said they received a call from Union Pacific about a strike indicator being triggered on one of their trains around 7:30 p.m.

When officers arrived at the stopped train, they searched the area and found the teens. One was lying beside the tracks, and the other was under the train.

According to officials, a witness saw the two teens walking north on the rails closest to the park. The witness said the teens changed rails to avoid an oncoming train, only for another train to be on that set of rails as well.

The witness said the train came to a halt a short time later.

Union Pacific officials and authorities said that there was not a crossing where the teens were hit.