Jacksonville, Ark. – Jacksonville police made three arrests after school leaders were notified of a “threat to harm list’ on Monday.

According to investigators, two 12-year-olds and a 13-year-old were taken into custody and are facing charges of threatening to commit an act of mass violence on school property.

ORIGINAL STORY – District officials said three Jacksonville Middle School students were taken into custody after school leaders were notified of a “threat to harm list.”

School officials said that administrators were notified of a list created by a student Monday morning, adding that the student who originally developed the list reportedly shared the document with other students.

District officials said all of those students were identified and removed from campus by the Jacksonville Police Department and that as of midday Monday, three students were being detained by officers pending further investigation.

School leaders said that the parents and guardians of the students who were mentioned on the list were contacted by school and district administrators.

At this time, school officials said there are no threats to anyone on campus. They also suggested that parents and guardians of JMS students speak to their children about reporting concerns about school safety.