LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Planned Parenthood Great Plains held a news conference Wednesday to clear up confusion about abortion laws and access in Arkansas. 

Planned Parenthood says the impact they’ve seen from the newly-passed Texas abortion bill has caused what they call a “regional chilling effect.”  

The organization says their clients are wondering if abortion is still legal or if they’ll get in trouble for getting one. 

“We’re trying to explain to our patients in Arkansas that what happens in Texas of course affects care across the region, but the state laws in Arkansas are the same and you can still get care here,” said Emily Wales with Planned Parenthood Great Plains. 

In the same news conference, Planned Parenthood said they’ll offer medication abortion services at their new facility in Rogers by early spring. 

In response to that, Jerry Cox, the president of conservative organization Family Council released the following statement: 

“Today’s announcement isn’t surprising. Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider, and the group has said since 2019 that it wants to open an abortion center in Northwest Arkansas. Planned Parenthood worked through a separate LLC to secretly acquire a facility in Rogers. That center opened for business in September. Planned Parenthood officials had originally said they wanted to begin performing abortions in Rogers by the end of this year. Now it seems they have delayed until the spring of next year.”

Cox said the community in Northwest Arkansas clearly opposes Planned Parenthood’s agenda.

“Since August we’ve seen hundreds of pro-lifers from Northwest Arkansas gather to peacefully oppose abortion outside Planned Parenthood’s facility in Rogers. Pro-lifers just wrapped up a series of prayer vigils outside the facility that lasted forty days,” Cox said. “Lawmakers and leaders in the community have held public events opposing abortion in Rogers. And the University of Arkansas recently released a poll that indicates most Arkansans think abortion ought to be either completely illegal or restricted to certain situations. Arkansans do not support abortion on demand, and yet that’s what Planned Parenthood wants to bring to Northwest Arkansas.”

Cox said that pro-life groups will continue working to end abortion in Arkansas.

“Arkansas has more than forty pregnancy resource centers that give women real options besides abortion. Our state is home to multiple pro-life organizations, and we arguably have the most pro-life General Assembly in the country,” Cox sais. “Arkansas was recently ranked the most pro-life state in the nation. We are fully committed to ending abortion in our state and giving women with unplanned pregnancies the resources they need to choose an option besides abortion.”