LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Having a plan before, during, and after a severe weather event can save your life. The National Weather Service gives this advice to avoid the worst outcomes.

To prepare for severe weather:

-Check the forecast regularly to see if you’re at risk.

-Listen for watches and warnings.

-Download the Arkansas Storm Team app and sign up for notifications.

-Create a communication plan with your family and practice it.

-Identify and pick a safe room in your home.

-Keep trees/branches trimmed and secure loose objects.

-Help your neighbors!

During severe weather:

-Continue to listen for watches and warnings.

-If you receive a warning…

–At your house. Go to your secure location.

–At your workplace or school: Stay away from windows and avoid large open rooms (cafeteria, gymnasium, auditorium).

–Outside: Go inside a sturdy building immediately.

–In a vehicle: If there’s time, drive to the closest secure structure, otherwise, find the lowest ground possible.

After severe weather:

-Continue to listen for information… more severe thunderstorms could be headed your way!

-Contact your family and loved ones to let them know you’re safe.

-Assess the damage when you’re sure the severe weather threat has ended.

-Help your neighbors!

Plan. Don’t panic. The Arkansas Department of Emergency Management said Monday it does have a team on call should the weather prove severe, it will be activated.