PINE BLUFF, Ark. – The city of Pine Bluff reached double-digit homicides for 2022 Thursday night when 21-year-old Tre’vion Nelson was shot and killed on South Virginia Street. 

This case, as well as others, has lifelong Pine Bluff resident, Grant Williams left with a heavy heart. 

Williams has created a new outreach program called the Faith Formation Forum.  The program will focus on four categories what if attacked at a young age could prevent violent acts. 

“If we don’t touch but one person, we’ve saved one person,” said Willaims. 

Every 2 months the program will have speakers discussing bullying, conflict resolution, making the right decisions, and peer pressure.

“What we want to do is catch the youth before they get caught up in the circle. “

Trenton Washington, an 11th grader at Pine Bluff High School plays basketball at a park just a short block away from South Virginia street where the city’s 10th homicide.

Washington says he wasn’t aware of the killing, but always watches his surroundings. 

When informed about the Faith Formation Forum, he agreed with the principles it stands for. 

“Everybody can benefit from the program. Not just the youth, but grown people, older people, kids around my age,” said Trenton. 

The program will take place Saturday, April 23rd from 11 am to 2 pm at the Grace Evangelical Baptist Church in Pine Bluff.