PINE BLUFF, Ark. – A new app to help improve the Street Department’s work orders in Pine Bluff is now a step closer to becoming final

It’s called SeeClickFix and this new app, allows people to see a problem and report it right then and there.

Problems to report range from potholes, downed trees, dead animals, drainage clots, traffic signal issues, improper street signage, etc. 

John Brown, traffic signal superintendent with the Pine Bluff street Department says SeeClickFix will help with more problems that are reported to get done and more efficiently. 

Brown says the app will make it much easier to report an issue. 

He says the way the app works, is all you have to do is take a picture of the damage you find, send it in and you’ll receive updates on the report that you submitted throughout the process of it being repaired.

“It’s going to give more feedback to the citizen of Pine Bluff.”

People in the community like the idea of the app but hope the street department stick by their word that the results will make a more beautiful city.

Ken Johnson lives near South Hazel street and has a large pothole directly in front of his driveway that he drives over daily. 

Johnson says hopefully the app works better than calling the street department like he’s done multiple times.

He says he thinks the app “will help better than the phone system because I don’t think no one is even back there,” explaining how his calls go unanswered. 

Mar’tavius Proctor says he’s dealt with the same issues with the Street Department. 

Brown says the comments from Johnson are ones he’s heard multiple times. But say “hopefully, this is a way to let them know we are working for them to better Pine Bluff.”

Proctor says he believes this app will help tremendously because it will incorporate more youth to get involved with reporting issues.

We have a lot of young people who are aware of the problem but aren’t aware of the process it takes to get those issues solved.”

If SeeClickFix is approved by the city council, the app will cost about 17 thousand dollars for the first year and a little over 20 thousand per year going forward.