Pine Bluff Sobriety Center Needs Repair Ahead of Growing Demand

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Myra Rineheart shuffles papers on her desk at The Sobriety Living Center in Pine Bluff.

 “Here’s the stack of bills to pay,” Rineheart says.

 A desk full of deficit with heating and air units running on ‘E’.

“There are five that run this building,” Rineheart says.

“I think there are three that are working really well.”

The center has an uphill climb.

The facility is one of two transitional housing nonprofits in Jefferson county, according to the Arkansas Community Corrections.

Right now, it serves nearly 30 men recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, and beds are filling up.

“We have seen many people,” Rineheart says.

“Many successes.”

Rineheart runs the program she founded with her husband 10 years ago.

“I am here almost every day,” she says.

The work inside is forcing work outside.

Across the street, a remodeling project is underway.

“Well, my husband and I own that house,” Rineheart says, referring to the structure.

The couple is donating the house.

It’ll soon be an extension of the sobriety center, adding space for recovering addicts.

“We do that because addiction knocked on my door one day,” Rineheart says.

“And, I knew that I needed to give back.”

And here, giving back appears to be contagious.

“I was thinking to myself you know there’s got to be some way to help them because they did help me,” David Afton says.

Afton entered the program after spending 11 of the last 15 years behind bars for selling drugs.

Now, he’s working on a computer networking degree while also holding down a job.

After noticing struggles at the center, he launched online fundraisers.

He gathered then handed over about 100 bucks.

“They actually used that money to buy tablets for some kids at a shelter,” Afton says.

“I can’t even explain how wonderful that makes me feel.”

Two acts of kindness that reveal an addictive pattern of helping others.

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