LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A decision waits in the wings on a landmark trial concerning transgender care in Arkansas.

After testimony from both sides, Judge James Moody will rule whether or not it is unconstitutional to enact a ban on transgender healthcare for minors in the state.

Two sides to one trial involving transgender youth.

“We are talking about lives here, children’s lives,” said transgender man, Lowen Bryan.

“They are going to feel certain ways but we are going to protect them from making a foolish choice while they are young,” said State Senator, Bart Hester.

Senator Bart Hester and Lowen Bryan have been following the court proceedings since the beginning, and now while waiting for the ruling, they voiced their hopes for the future.

“Children should not be going under the knife to dismember them to disfigure them in any way,” said Hester.

Lowen Bryan, who identifies as transgender man, said he wishes the state would leave the decision to the parents.

“Transition is a very personal decision to make, and that should be between that person,” said Bryan.                           

Bryan feels this issue is just discrimination based on their gender identity.

“It really saddens me that trans teens that are lucky enough to have parents that support them, are now having to battle with the state,” stated Bryan.  

Meanwhile, Hester said this is a form of child abuse and protecting children is a top priority.

“We are just not going to allow children to go under the knife that are going through a difficult time. it’s not appropriate, we don’t believe it’s appropriate,” said Hester.

Bryan said he believes transition can look different from just having a surgery.

Although, Hester said it should just ultimately be left up to the patient when they turn the age of a legal adult.

The ruling is in the judges hands for now, and we could know the ruling within a few weeks or a few months.