LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – With these triple-digit temperatures some people are doing anything to stay cool, like maybe even going to get ice cream for dinner.

People walked into the doors of Loblolly Ice Cream shop where milkshakes were blended up with whipped cream on top, and ice cream scoops handed out to those coming in for a sweet treat to beat the heat.

“Yeah… hot,” customer Marshall Reed said.

Reed came in with his family to grab some ice cream in the triple digits, with many flavors to choose from.

“If I was to control the weather, I would think it was somewhere near 95 and 203,” Reed said.

So did other families like Candace Anderson and her crew.

“It’s too hot to cook to you know super or anything like you want something cold that can be refreshing, so it’s the perfect time to eat ice cream for dinner,” Anderson said.

Loblolly Ice Cream manager Lucinda McGoldrick said during the summer, sales skyrocketed.

“Definitely July is our biggest month, and we are jam-packed, it’s a line out the door for most of July, most of the summer, school is back so we have slowed down a little bit, but it’s still pretty high for an off-season,” McGoldrick said.

As they indulge in the frozen treat, which is sugary and sweet, they all said they are glad to have something to combat the heat.