Pasture gate ran down, horses let loose in Cabot

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CABOT, Ark.- A Cabot woman is picking up the pieces after someone vandalized her property and let her three horses out.

Luckily a neighbor saw the three horses running down the road and was able to catch them and bring them back to the pasture. That’s when he saw the property had been damaged.

Days later, Tammie Wyatt is still picking up the debris left from her broken gate.

“When he (neighbor) called me back after being able to contain them he said you have a much bigger problem,” said Tammie Wyatt, who owns the horses and property. “The thieves took the gate off the hinges and moved it out of the way. “

After moving the gate out of the way, Wyatt says they cut the lock on her 16-foot trailer then hooked it to their car and ran down the gate.

“We did the smaller gate on purpose knowing the trailer wouldn’t be able to go through it. Hoping that would be a deterrent enough but it wasn’t, clearly,” said Wyatt.

In addition to the smaller gate, Wyatt says the trailer was hidden behind a shed.

“You cant see the trailer where it was from anywhere on the property. You had to have entered the property and been scouting,” said Wyatt, “it will cost me a lot of problems if I cant get that replaced soon.”

With the gate laying on the ground, the horses, Sadie, Penny and Champ took off running.

That’s when Wyatt’s neighbor Kira Pounds and her husband, Jerry, stepped in.

“My husband went over there to help them get the horses back in and come to find out her trailer was missing. Someone hooked up to the trailer and ran down the gate,” said Kira Pounds.

Jerry spotted the horses running toward Highway 5 but was able to stop them before any got hurt.

Jerry grabbed a small rope, tied it around Sadie and walked her back home. Penny and Champ followed in a single file line.

“I got so lucky, there’s a lot of traffic out here and when my neighbor called he said they were running and heading toward Highway 5,” said Wyatt.

With the horses back safely and the fence fixed, Wyatt is now concerned about what could happen next.

“I don’t know what else I could do to protect my stuff. I still other items, my shed- I feel like a target. What do I do?” Wyatt asked.

“There’s been a lot of problems out that ways, a lot of break-ins here lately and to see this happen, I just don’t know what to say its traumatizing,” said Pounds.

Wyatt says they have security cameras up now but she hopes whoever stole the trailer doesn’t come back for more.

In the meantime, Wyatt is asking everyone to keep an eye out for the trailer (pictured below.) If you see it, call the police.

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