CONWAY, Ark. – It’s been more than a month since anyone has seen or heard from a 14-year-old girl from Conway.

Tanvi Marupally went missing in January and since then her parents said they have been doing everything they can to find her. 

Marupally was last seen on Jan. 17 near Conway Junior High School heading north on Davis Street wearing a purple coat, pink pullover, blue shirt and blue jeans.

Her father Roy said after she went missing, he and his wife, Sridevi Edara felt like they needed more help to bring her home. 

“It was slowly sinking in that maybe we need more and more community effort,” Marupally said.

Edara said she is heartbroken to not have her daughter by her side. 

“As days pass again, we are completely broken,” Edara said.

Marupally said he believes one of the reasons his daughter went missing was out of fear her dad was losing his work visa but he said that is no longer a concern. 

“That is not happening, we are still here for Tanvi, the whole community is here for Tanvi,” Marupally said. 

He said they are doing everything they can think of to bring Marupally home. 

“We have a $5,000 reward fund that we have got from my own family.” He goes on to say, “I started looking in all the wooded areas, especially the parks,” because they know Marupally loved the outdoors.   

Both parents are going through some surveillance video from nearby businesses in Conway in the hopes it would show a glimpse of Marupally, their only child. 

David Clark, whose mother Patsy Clark disappeared March 4, 1987, at the age of 55, said he and other families who have missing loved ones understand the Marupally’s agony. 

“We all do feel their pain, we’re wearing the same shoes,” Clark said. 

Clark said not a day has gone by where he doesn’t look for answers in his mother’s case. 

“She would be 91 years old. There is still a fraction of chance she is still out there,” Clark said. 

Clark goes on to say that although it’s been more than 30 years since his mother went missing, he has not given up hope and advises the same thing to other families of missing loved ones.

“You very well may be your missing loved one’s greatest advocate and you very well may be the light that they see to come back home,” Marupally said.

Marupally’s parents hope to have their daughter back in their arms soon. 

“We are just praying she comes back safe,” Marupally said. 

The Conway Police Department said they do not have any updated information to provide at this time but add if additional information they’re urged to contact the police.