WHITE COUNTY, Ark. – December 12th will make a month since 14-year-old Raynee Massey ran away from home on Honeysuckle Rd in Bald Knob.

The White County Sheriff’s office said she voluntarily left and believes she isn’t in any danger.  

With a dropped head filled with watery eyes, Samuel and Jill Massey plead to their daughter “Raynee just come home.”

They say they had no idea Raynee had thought of running away. 

On that mid-November day, Raynee’s parents say she walked out of their house and got in the car with a man.

During this time, Samuel was deer hunting and Jill was in their kitchen. 

“She was gone about 10 minutes before I realized she wasn’t in the house.”

The White County Sheriff’s Office says a nearby neighborhood captured the vehicle Raynee got in on camera.

The car could also be seen at the Shell gas station in El Paso, Arkansas.

Samuel says they did all they could to shelter and provide for Raynee. 

The only reason he could come up with for her actions is him demanding good grade or her phone privileges would be taken.

“I didn’t think that was too much to ask,” he says. 

The Massey’s say their biggest regret was trusting Raynee with the internet.

They feel this led Raynee to the two individuals seen at the Shell gas station driving the car.

The sheriff’s office says figuring out who they are is top priority.

The sheriff’s office also says they think Raynee may have changed her appearance and could be going by a different name.

They have some leads that indicate Raynee may be attempting to make her way to Florida, but they feel she is still in Arkansas.

Raynee Massey is 5’3 and weighs 112Lbs with blue eyes and brown/blond hair. 

She also has braces and wears glasses. 

If you have any information, contact Detective McIntosh at 501-279-6279 or White County dispatch at 501-279-6241.