FORDYCE, Ark. – Shocking cell phone video has surfaced of a fight at Fordyce High School apparently showing a student choking and throwing another high schooler to the ground.

The footage has been shared by thousands since last week, sparking a state-wide discussion on bullying and the rule of school administrators in stopping it.

The video blew up Thursday, showing a student getting punched, choked, pushed, and kicked by another student in what looks to be a school locker room. The victim has his shirt ripped and then falls unconscious as several other students appear to be filming.

Following the incident, both students were suspended for the same amount of time for fighting, a move that caused teenagers at the school to protest and push the administration to do more to stop bullying. Many “sat in” in the high school hallways and claimed the teenager had supposedly reported bullying to school officials before with little action.

One Fordyce alumni says he feels more should have been done by district adults.

“The same amount of punishment, like, that’s not right,” said Enough Smith, who graduated in 2021. “You can clearly see in the video that he didn’t want to fight the guy and the guy still was picking on him, throwing shoes on him.”

The outrage has spread past Fordyce, with Arkansas parents and students alike speaking out.

Several lawmakers have also weighed in. State Representative Jamie Scott says she and State Senator Joyce Elliot are working with the Department of Education on this issue. Both have tweeted about the video.

A call to the school district’s office went straight to voicemail. The campus was using an AMI day after threats came in over Snapchat Wednesday morning.

According to Fordyce High School’s student body president, the administration told students the situation is “being dealt with accordingly”.