Only in Arkansas: RaftUp Boating App

January 01 2022 12:00 am

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Enterpreneurs are always looking for a gap in the market.

When it comes to smartphone apps, you know the saying, “there’s one for everything.”

But last month, an Arkansas man found something a little different that might make a big difference, all from the palm of your hand. It’s called RaftUp.

It’s a popular pastime in Arkansas, getting on the water for fishing, skiing, tubing, or just fun.

“I felt there was something better,” says Corey Boelkens, RaftUp developer.

Because of his love of the outdoors, this Natural State native is enhancing the water with an app.

“The idea started a long time ago,” says Boelkens. “It’s a socialized SOS, where you can share your location in real time with any one of your friends.”

Boelkens launched RaftUp (click here for website), a social safety app that doubles as a place to find out where your boating mates are.

“The need was, what else could I do on the water, and how could our friends get together more,” he adds.

RaftUp is only a month old and already has 1,000 users, adding 20 to 25 a day, leading this water enthusiast to fully dive in to his new venture.

“I’m all in, I’ve sold a truck, I’ve sold my boat,” Boelkens continues. “I left my job, I walked away from a 6 figure salary, a very comfortable lifestyle to full-on running this software application.”

Finding a gap in an otherwise shallow marketplace, RaftUp is hoping to be the next big thing on a boat.

“There’s a need. People want it, and I believe in what it is. I believe that people want to have a better time on the water,” he says.

Only in Arkansas will you find the man behind the rudder of RaftUp, a social boating app hoping to make the outdoor experience even more fun.

Click here for the RaftUp website and click here for the RaftUp Facebook page. You can download RaftUp on both Apple and Android phones.

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