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BENTON, Ark. – Early next year, Netflix is starting a new show called “Unbelievable.” 

It’s a crime drama with a producing credit going to Katie Couric and among the stars on the cast is local 1st grader Hendrix Yancey.

The 7-year-old attends Avilla Christian Academy in Saline County.

“First we have gym class, then we have art, and then we go back to doing math,” she says. “And it’s just super fun.” 

But this child is doing more than reading. She’s flying back and forth from Benton to California.

“You get to entertain people and meet a lot of new friends,” she adds.

Over the last year, Hendrix has acted in cable shows and short films.

“When you see that your kid is really good at something, even if you don’t want to pursue it, you want your kid to excel,” says mom Timie Yancey. 

This summer, Hendrix landed her first big gig in the Netflix Original Series.

“There’s some huge stars names in it, and to see your child being lumped into it with major stars is pretty surreal,” Timie continues.

The L.A. dream will continue but this family will always make the Natural State home.

“I still see her as the kid who goes to school in rural Arkansas and makes mud pies in the backyard and that’s where we want to keep it,” she says.

“I mean I’ve always wanted to be an actress and look where I am now, I’m an actress,” says Hendrix.

“Unbelievable” starts next year and stars Golden Globe winner and Oscar-nominated Toni Collette.

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