LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Officer Tommy Norman took to social media Friday afternoon to share an update on his health following a procedure.

The longtime officer with the North Little Rock Police Department said he was recovering from a heart catheterization procedure.

Norman said he had been feeling some chest pains recently and wanted to see if there was any new developments. In March of 2022, Norman experienced what doctors called a “widow-maker” heart attack.

The catheterization Friday showed the two stents put in during his March 2022 procedure “look great,” Norman said. He added that a third blockage that he had mentioned in earlier posts was improving, which Norman noted was “a good report.”

Though cardiac issues looked to be ruled out, Norman noted that a possible cause of his recent pain could be another type of heartache.

“I’ve thought about this in the past, as the pain could still be from the grief and depression from losing my daughter Alyssa, almost two years ago,” Norman said.

After resting for another week or so, “doctor’s orders” he noted, Norman said he plans on getting back on the streets and in the community in North Little Rock, so he can “do what I was born to do.”

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